Concession Stand Help
Monday, May 6, 2019

We are looking for volunteers in our concession stand at Christmas Tree Park Concessions are not only a convenience for our players and fans but also another way to help reduce costs for our program.  It allows us to host our opponents and provide food/drink for all those in attendance at our games. Misty Brathuhn and Jeffrey Howard do all the organization and purchasing of food but parent volunteers are needed to staff the concessions stand while games are being played.  Manchester Baseball will open and close/clean the concession stand when it is open.  Everyone will be briefed on how to work the stand, where things are, etc.

Rules from Manchester Baseball(since we are handling money)

  • Children can volunteer, but they MUST in high school.
  • 2 people must be in the stand at all times.

The following is the link to our Concession Stand Signup that includes the dates and times help is needed:

If you know that you cannot work the slot you’ve selected please email so we can find a replacement.