Our Mission

The official name of the organization will be Manchester Baseball Association, Inc.  The Association will be a part of the North Carroll Recreation Council (NCRC) which is part of the Department of Recreation and Parks of Carroll County.  We will operate under our By-Laws which shall establish the operating guidelines, policies and procedures for implementing the intent of the Association’s constitution and the plans of the North Carroll Recreation Council and the Department of Recreation and Parks of Carroll County.  The Association is a non-commercial, nonsectarian, nonpartisan, and nonprofit organization.  The Association will work in conjunction with the residents and businesses in the surrounding area to promote, support and initiate projects and activities for the purpose of enhancing the sport of baseball for the benefit of the area children and the community.  No one person or group of persons, other than the Board of Directors, may represent the Association.

Our mission is to provide recreational and travel baseball to area kids.  The program facilitates kids from ages 4 and up by providing a safe and learning environment in the game of baseball.  We strive to keep the spirit of the game an active tradition.  We pursue the continued support through volunteers and value the communities support and contributions.  We honor all levels of play and offer advancement, when age appropriate, to further the desire to play at a more competitive level.  As a member of the North Carroll Recreation Council, it is our goal to continue in good faith with the By-Laws of such Council and the By-Laws of the Manchester Baseball Association.  We stand for fairness, fundamentals and merriment.  Manchester Baseball has set goals for each age group and during the year will teach the children the importance of sportsmanship, friendship, respect for officials and the opposite team, as well as their own team members.

  • Our younger age groups (ages 4-8) play a season of non-competitive baseball that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of baseball including basic baseball skills, rules and strategies along with good sportsmanship, appropriate behavior and attitude.

  • Our older age groups (ages 9-18) play a season of competitive baseball that builds on what is taught at the younger level while preparing them for a season ending playoff tournament.